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Company News

2020 "Sharing Commendation Conference" ceremoniously holding

Release date:2021-02-01    Views:1413

In order to recognize the advanced, the 2020 award ceremony was held on February 1, 2021.

To achieve sustainable development, enterprises need excellent talents to work together. Sharing provide a platform for the development of employees and create opportunities for growth. The company encourage advanced, encourage innovation, and share the results of the struggle with employees.

In 2021, the external situation is still grim, and there are many uncertainties. We will face greater challenges! Therefore, we need to change our awareness, improve rapidly, and face the constant changes, challenges and competition to realize the rapid development and steady progress of the enterprise! The new year breeds new hope, and the New Year will open a new chapter.

I wish Sharing will continue to forge ahead in the New Year, ride the wind and waves, and achieve better results!







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