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    Dongguan Changan


  • Sales Engineer


    Dongguan ShaTian



    1. Bachelor degree or above,.

    2. Excellent communication and negotiation skills, good team spirit.

    3. Frank and confident, optimistic and enterprising, high work passion.

    4. Good computer skills, good image.

    5. Good Fresh graduate can be considered.

    6. Provide good development platform, according to ability to pay, annual salary up to 500,000-1000,000, welcome good Salesman to join us!


    Job description:

    1. Development sale market, complete sales targets.

    2. Ensure the payment in time.

    3. Maintenance of customer relations, meet customer needs, establish good long-term relationships with customers.

    4. Control selling expenses, and finished goods inventory.

    5. Establishment of customer information and customer files, complete sales reports.

    6. Maintenance of company image.


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